Claudia Loop Palescandolo — Comic book colorist based in Napoli, IT


some saples of my work:

  • Aldobrando [Gipi/Critone. Published by Casterman]
  • Bobby Sombrero [Unpublished test pages]
  • Theodora [Riccadonna. Unpublished]
  • Doctor Mirage [Unpublished test page]
  • Ride – Level Zero [Broccardo. Published by Lucky Red]
  • Morgan Lost color special [Sergio Bonelli Editore]
  • Quebrada the city of masks [drawings by Scalera. Published by Radium/Saldapress]
  • Beta [Drawings by Genovese. Black and white version published by Bao. Unpublished colored version]
  • Pixie Illustration [Drawing by Aureli. Unpublished]